Default shipping location as user-specific preferences

The default shipping location has now also become a user-specific preference. The organisation-wide preference can also still be set from within the organisation, but the location you set yourself is given priority.

Collection description

The maximum number of characters of a collection's description has been increased from 255 to 400 characters.


You can now also add a reason when rejecting feedback received for an item. This reason is optional.

Services included with customer-specific prices

It is now also possible to provide included services for customer-specific items in catalog prices. Go to Direct sales > Catalog prices > Customer-specific items and click on the sprocket. You can select "Including delivery" and/or "Including stickering" here. This setting only applies to lines that are subsequently saved.

Want to apply this to existing lines too? This can be set by clicking on the line's three dots. Then click Set services and tick the option "Including delivery" and/or "Including stickering"

Price groups for batch prices

The price groups for batch prices are now sorted according to the order of the price groups. The order of price groups can be easily changed by dragging them so that they appear in the correct order in the lot and/or catalog prices screen.

Moving customers from price group

It is now possible to move a customer from one customer group to another customer group. Click open the price group and go to 'target group'. Find the customer you want to move and click on the 3 dots on the right. Then select 'Move to'. This is where you can select the relevant price group, to which this customer should go.

You determine which customers you assign to a price group

Would you rather not allocate a certain customer to a price group? Then simply disregard it. These customers can be found under Network, where this can be cancelled at any time.

Correcting USD sales orders

USD sales orders can now be corrected assuming a delivery has not yet been made.


In the order period of a request line, you can now also select a time.

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