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Latest developments in week 37 2022 – Wishes week
Latest developments in week 37 2022 – Wishes week

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the functions that were developed during the Wishes week in this article.

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Setting shortcuts on the dashboard

It is now possible to customise which shortcuts you will see on the dashboard You can now select the shortcuts under Settings > Preferences > Navigation.

Timeline messages from buyers

It is now also possible for buyers to place messages on the timeline. So keep an eye on the timeline!

Determine order of photos

You can now easily determine the order of your photos for a trade item by dragging the photos. Attention: the standard photo is always displayed first.

360° photos from Spinzam

In addition to photos from Orbitvu, Floriday now also supports 360° photos from Spinzam. When adding a 360° photo (below the trade item) you can now also choose Spinzam.

Sharable link per collection

For each collection, a link and a QR-code are now available that you can share with your buyers. With the link, the buyers is taken directly to your collection in the Floriday Explorer. You can find the link for a collection under Catalogue > Collections > 3 dots for a collection.

Editing characteristics when creating lots

It is now possible to edit trade item characteristics directly when creating lots. If you want to edit the trade item characteristics directly, you can set this under the preferences. Go to Settings > Preferences > Display > choose: Edit trade item characteristics directly.

Reject a complete lot

When a lot is at one of your warehouses, it is now possible to reject it as a whole. You can for example do this when a lot does not fulfil the expected quality. For a lot, click on the 3 dots and choose the option 'Reject'.

New filter option for catalogue prices: trade items without warehouse

A new filter option has been added in the catalogue price screen: trade items without warehouse. In the catalogue price screen, click on the filter button. In the warehouse filter you can then choose the option 'no warehouse'.

Determining the order of price groups

It is now possible to determine the order in which your price groups are displayed. Go to Supply > Direct sales > Price groups, and drag the price groups into the desired order. After dragging, the price groups in for example the catalogue prices or lot prices screen are also displayed in that order.

Changing packing configuration for offers and purchase tip

When creating an offer or purchase tip, it is now possible to change the packing configuration easily. Attention: once you save the offer or purchase tip, you can no longer change the packing configuration.

Developments for offers

Choosing photos of selected trade items from the catalogue

When creating an offer, after adding the trade items you can now set a catalogue photo of the selected trade items as a general image for the offer.

Setting standard image

It is now possible to add a fixed image for all your new offers. Make a new offer or open an existing offer and click on the image (or the pencil) above the offer. Upload the desired image here and then activate the checkmark: Set as fixed image for new offers.

Link customer contact person to offer

When creating a new offer for one customer, you can now select a contact person for the customer with the offer. This immediately makes it clear for whom the offer is intended. (Attention: this is not possible with an offer for multiple customers)

Taking over available prices from the set delivery period

At the moment you take over the available prices, Floriday now looks at the set delivery period for the offer to determine the week from which the prices must be taken over.

Print out delivery form with function key Ctrl + Enter

If you have completed a delivery form and want to print it out, it is now possible to do this using the keyboard. Press the Ctrl & Enter keys at the same time to go directly to printing out the delivery form.

For sales orders, search by form number

In the sales orders screen, it is now possible to search by form number. Click on the filter option in the screen. The filter bar now appears at the left and the option to search by form number is at the bottom of the bar.

Setting response time for corrections

By default, the buyer has until 17:00 on the next work day to respond to a correction request. It is now possible to have a correction request processed earlier (within 1, 2, or 3 hours).

Print delivery remark on the connect letter

A delivery note can now be added to each batch of a delivery to be completed. You can do this by clicking on the three dots to the right of an item and choose 'Add delivery remark'. Here you have a free fill-in field, if you fill this in and then save it, you will see this on the picklist and delivery form.

Blocking connection

It is now possible to block a connection. Go to Network > Network, click on the 3 dots for a customer and choose the option 'Block customer'. The customer is now displayed under the tab 'Blocked customers'. If you want to unblock the customer, this can also be done in the 3-dots menu.

Floriday does not ask to classify blocked customers into a price group. Blocked customers therefore disappear from the dashboard task to classify customers into a price group.

New offer statistics

In the menu, go to My shop > Activity. At the bottom of this page, statistics are now displayed about how often your offers have been visited.

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