Now that the Explorer is live for all buyers and they can easily search through all the offers, it is even more important to optimise your offer.

Floriday is happy to provide help. Our support has been given the ability to create a notification as soon as they see an opportunity for improving the details from the catalog. They can provide feedback on the photo, availability, item properties and packing configuration that have been configured.

In Floriday, you can see the notifications on the dashboard. You can view the notifications under Catalog > Feedback. From here, you can immediately edit the item to advance the point raised, after which you can deal with the report. Would you prefer to do nothing with the feedback? If so, you can reject it.

Select a party

It is now possible to select trade items from the owner of the batch when merging batches. Previously, you were only able to view your own trade items, but that does not logically work if the batch is from an external organization.

EKT for direct orders

The buyer determines whether they wish to receive an EKT or not. This is why this option has been removed when creating a direct order.

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