The advice and guidelines on this page apply to direct sales on Floriday.

Why are reliable and neat photos important?

The trade items you create in Floriday are shown to buyers via the Floriday Explorer. Based on the pictures accompanying these trade items, buyers place orders. Good photos make trade items more appealing. Therefore, it is very important that the photos are reliable and neat on Floriday. Besides buyers placing orders based on photos, there are also many buyers who forward your trade item photos to their own webshop, here too they like to see a representative overview in terms of photos.

General guidelines

  • Photos should preferably meet at least the following general guidelines:

  • Photo is a picture of the product (no text, logo or other object)

  • Photo does not contain objects/parts that are not relevant

  • Photo does not contain plants/flowers that do not belong to the trade item

  • The entire product is pictured (not just a detail photo)

  • Photo does not contain watermark

What is a representative photo?

A photo is representative when the product pictured is the same as what is delivered to the buyer. For example:

  • Colour(s) and composition

  • Sales unit/packaging

  • Any individual packaging is visible (with or without cover)

  • Maturity stage

Advice for the best product photo

Want to make your photos as attractive as possible? Then follow this advice:

  • Background and ground are uniform in colour (white or light grey)

  • Plants/flowers are placed centrally (in the middle) in the picture

  • Plants/flowers occupy about 70% of the photo

  • The photo is not too dark

  • The photo is of good quality

Tip: Buyers like to see multiple photos of a product. For example the product picture, a detail picture and a mood picture.

Tip: Want to view, add and delete photos quickly and easily? Then use the 'manage photos' function in the catalog.

Go to the catalog and click on the manage photos icon.

You now enter the screen where you can easily manage photos. You will see your trade items listed below each other with their corresponding photos. You can also search for a specific trade item or select a collection.

This way, you can quickly delete old photos and add new ones.

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