Volume discounted pricing on offers

When making an offer, it is now possible to apply volume discounted pricing starting from one package, layer and trolley. This allows you to offer your buyer a discount on larger purchases.

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Supply overview

In the supply overview, you can easily search your entire supply. Offers are also displayed here. When you click on the offer, you can now easily click through to edit the offer again or copy the link to send to the buyer.

Order period

In Floriday, you can configure the order period yourself to set the date from which a buyer can place an order on future supply. The notification stating from what date the supply can be ordered is already displayed in the current week.

Direct order

In the trading settings, buyers can indicate that they do not want to work with direct orders. You will now receive a notification when creating a direct order if the buyer has chosen not to work with this.

In addition, buyers can opt for the new Connect layout. This does not change anything for the current working method except that the letter looks different. You will see a message on the screen if the buyer has selected this option.

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