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Latest developments Week 21 2022
Latest developments Week 21 2022

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 21 2022 in this article.

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Colleague's screen sorted by first name

The colleague screen can now be sorted by first name, which makes the screen much easier to read.

Setting permissions by stock locations

Under stock locations you can now indicate which actions the consignment owner and stock location owner are authorised to carry out in relation to the consignments.

Example: as a grower you can indicate that an external location, such as FHS, may undertake corrections to your consignments. It also works the other way round, so FHS can indicate which actions the consignment owners may undertake as soon as the consignments arrive at the FHS location.

The standard permission values are configured in such a way that no changes are made to the existing working method. Permission configuration is only available to authorised users; other users can only see what has been configured.

Printing a plant passport with auction letters

Under the 'Auction Clock' section you can now also print plant passports. This is only possible with processed and concept auction letters.

Commercial invoice reference per consignment / sales order

The commercial invoice reference is now unique to each consignment / sales order, as opposed to each load carrier. This is reflected as a single reference on the sales order.

The trading settings are now accessible to all users

The new trading settings function is now accessible to all. As a grower, but also as a buyer, via the trading settings you can indicate whether you, say, work with contracts or requests. The trading settings can be found under Network > Network > Trading settings.

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