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Latest developments Week 19 2022
Latest developments Week 19 2022

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 19 2022 in this article.

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T20 attribute available

You can now set the T20 attribute when generating or processing an item.


Statistics on the stock location screen

Statistics have been added to the stock location screen. These statistics show how many bulb crates are in transit, how many bulb crates have been reported as received and how many you have at the location.

Quick actions for generating deliveries

At the top of the stock screen quick actions have been added for generating deliveries. You see these once you have entered a destination for one or multiple consignments.

Sorting consignments by sub-location

Under stock, you can now also sort consignments by sub-location within your stock location. For instance, you can indicate that a number of consignments are still located in the cold store. This is merely a tool for you the user; this isn't displayed anywhere else in Floriday (so is not visible to the buyer).

Stock & consignment pricing

Filter by service code

You can now quickly filter by service code on both the stock and consignment pricing screens.

Commercial consignment log book

In the commercial consignment log book a line has been added at the top that indicates the number of items and bulb crates the consignment is made up of. This makes the consignment's initial status clear from the outset.

Forward prices: the option to overwrite numbers

Under forward prices you can now choose whether or not to overwrite the numbers in the weeks you have selected. Simply use a tick. For instance, you can overwrite the prices of multiple future weeks, whilst retaining the item numbers of those specific weeks.

Direct bidding available to all growers

The function: Direct bidding has been piloted for a little while with a few growers. We have processed the growers' feedback and the function is now accessible to all growers.

Auction Clock: the same item in an auction clock delivery multiple times

Via the auction clock screen you can now add the same item several times over to an auction clock delivery.

Filters stay saved in call-off order overview

In the call-off order overview the filters and selected number of results per page are now saved in any current session. As such, you can view a call-off order and navigate back without your filters changing. Logging out or has your session expired? If so, you'll have to reset your filters.

Invoice reference with direct delivery

When transacting a direct delivery you can now also add a commercial invoice reference. This lets you, the grower, add your own reference that will end up on the ultimate invoice, to help compare packing lists against the invoice.

Trading settings (early-access)

A new option has been added to Floriday: trading settings. With these you can, say, indicate whether you work with contracts/requests or not. The trading settings can be found under Network > Network > Trading settings. Settings management is only accessible to authorised users within an organisation. With each setting you can also add clients as an exception.

Please note: this function is still to be found under early-access.

Activating My Shop without a price category

If as a grower you want to activate the 'My Shop' environment, you will have to run through a checklist first. One of the points on the checklist was the creation of a price category. This has now been removed from the checklist. This means you can now activate the shop without having created a price category.

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