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Latest developments Week 18 2022
Latest developments Week 18 2022

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 18 2022 in this article.

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Catalog pricing update after order period settings

The catalog pricing supply is now automatically updated once you have changed the order period settings. This ensures growers don't have to do this manually.

Tiered pricing in the offer (early-access)

It is now possible to use tiered pricing when making an offer.

Under the offer there is now the option to tick 'Tiered pricing'; once ticked you will see three entry fields: for the bulb crate, layer and cart prices. This option is still to be found under early-access, so is not accessible to everyone; plus, implementation on the buyer's part is also being worked on.

Direct bidding statistics (early-access)

Under Direct bidding you can now see the statistics for a given period. For instance, you can see how many bids you have received on one day or in one week.

Non-working days in the terms of delivery

A tick has been added to the non-working days in the terms of delivery. With this tick you can indicate whether you want to implement an anomalous delivery time for the day following a non-working day. This tick is enabled by default, but can always be removed of course. When you disable this option, the standard terms of delivery are utilised.

Change direct delivery cart types with ease

It is now even easier to change the cart type when processing a direct delivery. Before, there was a separate dialogue box for this, but now you can amend this yourself via the displayed cart options.

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