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Easily set different delivery conditions for public holidays
Easily set different delivery conditions for public holidays
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Delivery conditions are used in Floriday. With this, you set the information around the delivery, such as the order time, order days, delivery locations, transport costs and delivery charges. Different delivery conditions often apply to public holidays. A handy feature has now been added to make this easy to set up.

Setting different delivery conditions now only works when the buyer purchases through Direct Purchasing on Floriday and not yet through the API. This gives the buyer the time to process this information properly in the API link before we validate it directly.

How does it work?

Go to Supply > Direct sales > Delivery conditions. Open the corresponding delivery conditions to set the public holidays.

Go to Delivery and click on the location in question. Scrolling down, you will see that a new section has been added: 'Non-working days'. Here you will find the holidays on which you can easily indicate that you will not be delivering. You can also indicate the adjusted delivery conditions for the following day.

Delivery conditions

Ordered for [time] delivery on [same day/next day etc.] at [time]. For example, you can indicate for the day after a holiday that you will deliver at 15:00 if the order is placed before 06:00. This overrides all existing delivery times.


Generally speaking, if an order is placed before 06:00, it will be delivered on the same day at 15:00. However, Thursday is Ascension Day and no work is done then.

Orders placed on Ascension Day can be delivered as early as 12:00 on Friday.

In the delivery conditions, we therefore mark Ascension Day as a non-working day. We subsequently fill in First delivery day after the non-working day as follows: Orders placed before 06:00 are delivered at 12:00 the same day.

If an order is placed on Ascension Day, buyers know that it will be delivered on Friday at 12:00. On the following days, delivery is made at 15:00 as usual.

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