Splitting and merging consignments

(Supply > Stock)

Everyone can now split and merge consignments in stock. If you click on the 3 dots by a particular consignment, you are given the option to split this consignment into multiple consignments. And when you select multiple consignments via the tick boxes on the left before the product, you are given the option to merge them.

Future supply order period

(Supply > Direct sales > Catalog pricing)

As a grower, under future supply, you can set whether this can be ordered straight away, or e.g., 2 weeks ahead of time. This means you can now determine the delivery period of any future supply.

Auctioning of consignments from an external stock location

It is now possible to auction consignments using the revamped auction clock screens that are situated at an external stock location.

Service code added in CSV

The service code has been added to the CSV file that can be downloaded under sales orders.

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