Seasonal photo task

A task has been added to the dashboard to configure up-to-date seasonal photos. A check is run on which items have a seasonal photo, whereby that photo isn't currently set as the default photo. The result is displayed in the dashboard task.

Easier configuration of availability filters

On the availability filter screen it is now easier to set the availability. Via the slide at the top of the table you can enable/disable all the slides for the lines on current display.

New availability filter categorisation

The lines in the availability filter screen are now first categorised by availability, then by client name. This gives you a quicker insight into which clients you have made exceptions for.

Auction clock delivery sequence preference

On the auction clock delivery screen you can now state your auction sequence preference, via the cog icon in the toolbar. Here you can choose between: "Sequence based on letter numbers" and "Sequence based on most important attribute".

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