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Latest developments Week 15 2022
Latest developments Week 15 2022

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 15 2022 in this article.

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Direct Bidding notifications

Two direct bidding notifications have been added.

  • One notification once you receive a direct bid.

  • One notification at 12:00 hrs should you have any open bids.

With these notifications the direct bidding gavel icon is used, so that they are identifiable under settings.

Improvements to the consignment logistics log book

A few improvements have been made to the consignment logistics log book.

  • You will now see icons by the various logs

  • The delivery letter number will now be displayed should a consignment be relocated

  • The status and receipt notification time will now be displayed

Adding duplicate items to offers and procurement tips

Under offers and procurement tips you can now add duplicate items. This lets you easily offer the same item using, e.g. a different label.

Public holidays in the terms of delivery (early-access)

(Supply > Direct sales > Terms of delivery)

Under the terms of delivery you can now indicate the public holidays you will not be open for business. For instance, you can indicate you will not be open for business on Easter Monday, so no deliveries will be made. You can also state what the terms of delivery will be on the next delivery date.

Example: on Tuesdays you usually deliver at 06:00 and 13:00 hrs, but on the day following Easter Monday you can overwrite both these times by indicating you will only deliver at 15:00 hrs. All standard delivery times that fall prior to your exception are accordingly overwritten.

This function is still to be found under early-access.

Promotional message for direct bidding on the timeline

Via direct bidding you can now share a promotional message on your buyer network's timeline. With this you can announce once daily that you have offered items via direct bidding. At a glance you can then see a number of your offered items on the timeline.

Revising the auction group with auction clock delivery

When revising an auction clock delivery you can now also adjust the auction group.

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