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Network - Order request

How to handle order requests

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With the order request, the buyer submits an order for an existing trade item, regardless of whether there is any supply online. Floriday treats this as a draft order and you are given the opportunity to accept or refuse it by means of a request.

On this page, we will explain the following elements:

Processing order requests

Go to Network > Requests > Order requests. This is your request overview of order requests in Floriday, which shows the pending requests for quotes by default. You can also display accepted, rejected, expired, or all requests here.

In the overview, you will see which product it concerns, which packaging configuration, the quantities and the price. Moreover, buyers can provide a reference and include the time of delivery and the shipping location.

You can accept a request via the overview screen by clicking on the red Accept button.

Don't want to approve the request? Click on the three dots on the right side of the line and click on Reject request.

Approve request

When you approve the request you will see a message at the bottom of the screen with Request approved.

You can find the request by filtering on Accepted.

Reject request

When you reject the request, you can specify the reason for rejection in order for the buyer to know why this draft order cannot proceed as an order.

Here, too, a message indicating that the request has been rejected will appear on the screen, after which it can be retrieved by filtering on Rejected.

The draft order is converted into an order, which can be found in the sales orders overview.

Setting: disable order requests

As a grower, you have the option of turning off the ability to submit order requests. In that way, buyers can buy only from actual supply that is online in Floriday. You can turn this on or off per customer. This option is on by default.

Go to Network > Network > Trade items

Set the slider for order requests to off.

By clicking customer specific settings, you could set which buyer is allowed to work with this.

For example, the ability to make an order request is off for all customers except FHC: Test buyer.

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