Attribute L15: Number of bundles per bulb crate

When adding attributes to the catalogue, you now also have the option to select Attribute L15: 'Number of bundles per bulb crate'.

Sharing items via the QR code

Every item now also has a QR code in the catalog (Catalog > 3 dots by an item > Share item). This means you can now share items with your buyers via the QR codes.

Date suggestion with anomalous delivery period/procurement tip

By ticking the Anomalous delivery period when generating a procurement tip, a suggested date is now entered as standard. As such, the delivery period runs from "now" up to and including the end of day. This is a suggestion only; you can amend these dates.

Date provision with letter selection for consignment photos

When selecting a letter via the consignment photo function the filter date is now automatically set to the next auction date (Supply > Consignment photos > Supply letters > Select letter). You can change the date should you wish to see the letters for a different auction date.

Consignment letter now also displayed in the sales orders overview

The consignment letter is now also displayed in the sales orders overview (Sales > Sales orders) Example: The FHBSMS letter now becomes FHBSMSA.

Call-off orders now easier to recognise via item list

In the call-off order overview you can now hover your mouse above the number of items under a call-off order (Sales > Call-off orders). This then displays a list of all the items under that particular call-off order, to make identifying call-off orders easier.

New way of revising direct deliveries that have been processed

There is now a new way to revise direct deliveries that have been processed (Processing > Process deliveries> Processed deliveries > Select relevant delivery > Revise delivery). With this function it is now easier to retrieve consignments from a particular delivery, or to amend the number of bulb crates.

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