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In the Explorer, buyers can search search for the availability of trade items per period, for example in order to make trade item selections for specific periods. Since this will be based on trade item availability, the availability that you specify for the trade item is essential.

Previously, a trade item was set as ‘Year round’ as standard. Because the accuracy of this availability is now even more important, this will be set as ‘Not specified’ as standard. For that reason, you should check the trade items that were set as ‘All year round’ as standard and ensure the availability for these trade items is set correctly.

Do you have a product in the catalog for which you don't have any availability for the coming period? Then it's best to set this product to 'don't show'. You can set this up by clicking on Edit and then at Show trade item in catalog for customers and on the public catalog unchecked. This way, the item will not be shown in the catalog and you can still set the regular availability of the product.

How does it work?

Go to Catalog > Trade items on the left-hand side of the Floriday menu.

Subsequently, filter the availability by ‘Not specified’ in order to show all trade items for which the availability has not yet been set.

By selecting multiple trade items, you can add the availability for multiple trade items at the same time.

To select several items at once, it is best to set the view to a list view. You can set this at the top of the bar.

Click on ‘Quick actions’ > ‘Set availability’ > set the availability and click on ‘Save’.

If you want to set this for one trade item, you can click on the three dots and then click on ‘edit’. You can set the availability during the final step.

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