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Adding 360° photos
Adding 360° photos

In Floriday, you can show customers the finest product details using 360° product photos.

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In Floriday, it is also possible to set up 360° photos alongside normal photos. This allows buyers to view the product from all angles by turning the product around on-screen.

It takes special equipment to create a 360° photo. Floriday currently only supports the use of Orbitvu and Spinzam equipment.

How it works

In Floriday, go to the catalog and select the trade item (or multiple trade items) for which you want to feature a 360° photo.

Click on ‘Quick actions’ and then on ‘Set 360° product photo’.

When you create a 360° photo, a link is generated so that the photo can also be accessed online. You can add the photo by pasting the latter part of this link as a key in Floriday.

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