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Ensure the best collaboration by making profile data public

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To achieve the best collaboration with colleagues and customers, it can be useful to see who has done what. So you can easily take on work from a colleague, or contact growers in case of any queries. The requirement for being able to see this is making your profile data public.

Go to settings by clicking on the row of three dots in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. The 'account' page has the checkmark 'Make profile data public'. By clicking on this option, you give permission for your name, photo and contact details (as filled in) to be shared. This data then also becomes visible on various places on Floriday.

The following actions will show your contact details when this option is set to 'public'.

  • The contact person to whom the buyer can direct any requests for quotes is shown on the screen displaying all details of your trade items.

  • Placing an order, so you immediately know which buyer has placed the order.

  • Drawing up and calling on contracts, so that you as grower or buyer know who has carried out the action.

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