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Latest developments Week 45 2021
Latest developments Week 45 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 41 2021 in this article.

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Packaging configuration photo

It is now also possible to edit a packaging configuration photo using the photo editor tool.


When you create a promo, right away you can set it to work with countdown stock. You used to only be able to set this after the promo had been created.

Special offers

Recently, we have added the option to insert an image when creating an offer to make the offer more appealing. A number of stock photos are now also available, making it easy for you to add one without having to upload your own photo. If the special offer includes a title, description and photo, the offer is also shown on the buyer’s timeline.

Now, the URL is already available when the special offer is created. It’s handy to include the URL in your communications, without the special offer being sent to the buyer.

Supply overview

You can now apply more detailed filters to trade items displayed in the supply overview. You can filter by trade item variants, for example.

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