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Latest developments Week 40 2021
Latest developments Week 40 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 40 2021 in this article.

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Logging in

You can now see your password once you have entered it by clicking on the eye icon on the login page.


A photo editor has been built in for collections, which enables you to crop and rotate your collection photos.


Promos and exceptions are now grouped by trade item in the overview, with the customer exceptions underneath. When creating an exception, you can now also choose whether to create it for a specific customer or to make it the same for all selected customers.

Forward prices

When entering forward prices, you will see a message explaining forward prices for FloraXchange:

The supply for the first two weeks is processed immediately; the rest of the supply may take a little longer. Forward prices for periods longer than two weeks are not visible in FloraXchange. If your buyer wishes to see this in FloraXchange, a special offer must be made via Floriday or regular supply must be entered in FloraXchange.

Pick list

The pick list is now also sorted based on the order of sorting specified in the preferences. If you have sorting by preferences disabled, then the order of selection as shown is maintained in the delivery orders.

Calling off

By default, items are called off in packaging units instead of items. You can now also export the displayed standing orders to a CSV. A Status filter has also been added to this screen, which makes it easy to export all draft standing orders, for example.

My Shop

The marketing tab in My Shop now also features a QR code to make it easy to share your shop URL with buyers. The QR code can also be downloaded here if desired.

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