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Latest developments Week 36 2021
Latest developments Week 36 2021

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases for week 36 2021 in this article.

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New task on the dashboard

If your default shipping location preference is no longer valid, this is indicated straight away on the dashboard. You will be shown a new task asking you to amend it.

Share trade items

You can now also share a trade item from the catalogue with a buyer. Do so by clicking on the three dots and selecting Share trade item. A link will then appear, which you can share with the buyer. If the buyer clicks on this link, he/she will be able to view all of the required product information.

Trade item photos

It is now possible to hide trade item photos in the gallery. This gallery is used in the batch photo function and in the updated auction function.

CSV of sales orders

The date in the sales orders CSV file has been adapted to a shorter type, which enables you to use this CSV directly in your own software package.


You can now also edit contracts that are awaiting approval.

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