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Templates for Auction deliveries
Templates for Auction deliveries

Create templates and create delivery forms even faster

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When you use the Auction functionality in Floriday, you can also use templates. Templates allow you to save a composition of a form and use it again later.

This page explains how to create a template and how to use it.

Creating and using a template

First, start by creating an auction form. Add the appropriate auction information and add one or more trade items to the form.

Once you have added one or more trade items to the form, the 'Save as template' button becomes clickable. Click on this button.

The template will now be saved immediately. You are now finished creating the template.

You can now indicate whether you want to overwrite an existing template or choose to create a new one, you can also give the new template a name.

You are now finished creating the template.

From now on, you can always use the template when creating a clock EAB.

Start by creating an delivery form and click on 'Templates' at the top right.

You will now see an overview of created templates. Choose the template you want to use for your delivery form and click on it.

The template will be added immediately. You can now make any changes and print and/or send the form.

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