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Want to know more about Floriday? On this page you will find the latest online workshops and the link to follow them directly.

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Starting with Floriday

Direct sales - Delivery conditions and creating price groups

In this workshop, we explain the basics of selling directly in Floriday. We'll start at the beginning and show you in detail how to add your items to the catalog. Here, we provide useful tips!

In addition, we will also discuss how to fill out your delivery conditions and how to categorise your buyers into price groups, so that each buyer can order directly on customer-specific supply!

Starting with Floriday

Direct sales - Online supply and processing orders

This workshop will explain how to arrange your direct trade through Floriday. To start with direct sales, you can first follow the webinar on setting delivery terms and price groups; this is the next step!

The topics we will discuss are:

  • Putting supply online via catalog prices (weekly lists - without countdown stock)

  • Putting supply online through batch prices (day trading - stock counts down)

  • Forward trade in Floriday

  • My Shop' and the purchase tip/offers

  • Handling orders in Floriday

Starting with Floriday

Direct sales - Contracts & standing orders

Do you work a lot with supply agreements with your suppliers? You can easily define these supply agreements in Floriday in the form of contracts. After defining them once, you can call off on this very easily. Would you like to learn more about this? In about half an hour we explain what the possibilities are for you as a grower to work with this.

Starting with Floriday

Auction supply via Floriday for growers

This workshop will explain how to supply on the auction through Floriday. We show how to add an item to the catalogue, how to create an auction letter, and how to set the price for clock pre-sales. In addition, we show you how to easily submit new photos daily for the auction.

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