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Selecting articles via Floriday and FloraXchange
Selecting articles via Floriday and FloraXchange
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As a buyer, you can work with selected (favourite) articles on Floriday. You can make a product a favourite by clicking on the star. You can select articles via: the Network, Direct purchase and the Catalog.

For example: As a buyer you can now search the catalogue for products on and in the range of growers with active offers. If you come across products that you find interesting, you can select them by giving them a star. You can then easily find the products under the star in direct purchase.

Previously, this function could not be used by buyers who still manage their chosen assortment in FloraXchange, but now this is possible.

Cooperation between Floriday and FloraXchange for selected articles

When you select articles via FloraXchange, the selection is forwarded to Floriday and you see them in Floriday as 'selected', so with a star. Articles selected on FloraXchange can only be deselected on FloraXchange.

If you select articles in Floriday (by giving the article a star), you can also only deselect articles via Floriday (not via FloraXchange). Articles that you have selected on Floriday are not sent to FloraXchange as 'chosen article', so you will not see them in FloraXchange.

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