Preferences for detail photo with clock deliveries

A new preference has been added concerning clock deliveries (Settings > Preferences). You can now indicate if you’d like to automatically use the detail photo when creating a clock delivery (if this is present for the product).

Developments concerning special offers and purchase tips

  • When creating a special offer, the number sold and the possible availability will be displayed. This availability has been determined based on the availability in catalogue prices.
  • It is now possible to save a special offer as a draft, allowing you to discuss a special offer with a colleague before finalising it.
  • When creating a special offer, you can now immediately fill in the number of packaging units when choosing the trade items.
  • The reference and the comments will now also be displayed in the special offers overview. In addition, you can now edit the reference and the comments when editing a special offer.
  • You can now share a purchase tip through the three dots of the special offers overview. You will then be displayed a pop-up with the link.

Approving multiple corrections at once

It is now possible to approve multiple pending corrections at once through the multi-select checkboxes. You can only do this for the open corrections that were requested by the buyer.

Viewing deleted contracts

You can now also view the deleted contracts in the contracts overview. A filter has been added, “Show deleted contracts” which makes all deleted contracts visible.

Processing multiple concept delivery orders at once

You can now easily complete multiple concept delivery orders simultaneously through the multi-select checkboxes.

Filter by customer

For delivery orders, you can now filter by customer.

The same product for direct order multiple times

When creating a manual order, it is now also possible to add the same product multiple times. The prices for these trade items has to differ from each other.

Request catalogue

The dates and customer numbers are now also visible for catalogue requests.

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