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Direct order

Read here how to create a direct order.

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Creating a direct order

On Floriday, go to Fulfillment > Deliverie orders and click the Add Delivery order button.

In step 1, select Direct order and click on Next step

Here, you can set the delivery information, including the customer, location, transporter and the time of delivery. In addition, this shows the various ways in which financial settlement can take place, and you can add a (customer) reference for the different parties here.

Tip! Use the customer filter. You can filter on connections in this section, which makes it easy and quick to work with this function.

If the standard options do not include the locations you want, you can also choose other options via other locations.

Then click on Add Batches or Add Trade Items.

Enter the number of packaging units and the price per item. Here, you can copy the available lot or catalogue prices.

After saving the direct order, you will be asked if you want to logistically process the delivery immediately. Click on Not Now to process the delivery later. You will now be able to find this delivery under Processing > Processing deliveries > Pending. Click on To order fulfillment to process the delivery.

You will now see an overview of the delivery. Here you will find the trolley configuration, which is filled in automatically based on the selected packing configurations and the number of packaging units. Use the two dashes on the left of a trade item to change the trolley configuration. Use the three dots to split the trade item or undo the configuration. This enables you to change the trolley configuration according to your needs.

With a direct delivery you can now add a delivery comment per line by clicking on the 3 dots. This delivery note is then also shown on the printed letter. This field is also called the "free field" on the connect letter.

When everything is set up correctly, click on Save and Complete and the Connect-EAB will then be sent.

As soon as you have created a delivery, under Processing > Deliveries, you will see an overview of deliveries of previous days. You can copy these using the Copy Delivery button on the right. This way, you can quickly and easily resend the same direct order.

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