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Why would the buyer order for a different delivery time?
Why would the buyer order for a different delivery time?
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Sometimes there are orders in Floriday that don't fully meet the terms and conditions set by you as a grower. In this article, we briefly explain existing terms and conditions and why they aren't always applied (yet).

In Floriday, we believe it essential for supply to be correct and that the buyer makes purchases according to the grower's terms and conditions. Thus, if all the data is correct, the grower wouldn't have to check whether a particular order is correct. Nevertheless, it may sometimes be the case that orders differ in, for instance, delivery times or packaging unit in which the grower supplies the products. Why?

As things stand, buyers are making purchases in various ways on Floriday. For example, there are buyers who place their orders through “My Shop”, while others still do so using the so-called VMP link or even through a Florecom order. However, not all of these ordering methods allow terms and conditions to be smoothly enforced. For instance, when a buyer submits a Florecom order, they are accustomed to it being viewed by the grower. If Floriday were to handle such orders by the book, and would return rejections, this would considerably disrupt the buyer's ordering process.

Eventually, we intend to validate all orders submitted to Floriday under the same terms and conditions, but at the moment we are conducting the introduction period in a very controlled way. We are doing this by keeping an eye on what is still being ordered incorrectly and pointing this out to the buyer. We will then add the validations that make ordering through this channel more rigorous.

A large number of checks will, of course, be strictly carried out on all transactions, which will enable the trade item purchased and the price at which it is supplied to be validated. It is mainly the secondary terms and conditions, such as minimum order quantity, desired delivery time and how far into the future buyers may place orders, that weren't supported in the “old ordering methods”.

However, thanks to “My Shop”, we now have a way to draw the buyer's attention in a user-friendly way to all the terms and conditions set by the grower. Orders submitted to the grower in this manner should therefore always comply with any requirements set.

So if an order is placed where the delivery time is still not correct, a purchase will have been made through a route which is still flexible. Floriday will make verification increasingly stricter, but this will require some time so that buyers and growers don't miss out on orders.

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