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Developments September 2020
Developments September 2020

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases of September 2020 in this article!

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You can define a number of additional preferences under Settings > Preferences.

  • S-codes of characteristics can now be set as view preference;

  • You can now set BLO or LOG for customer deliveries as standard.

Invite colleagues
It is now possible to invite colleagues for multiple organisations simultaneously.

Timeline reports
You will now receive a timeline report when a buyer visits your shop.

Copying products
When copying a product, you can now choose to copy the variants as well. This is only possible if the compulsory characteristics of the new product were already assigned to the existing product.

Quantity filters with batch prices
You can now use Quantity filters with batch prices. In this way, you can determine what percentage of your stock each buyer is able to see. Go to Direct sales > Batch prices and click on the gearwheel.

As a grower, you can now make use of the offer and the purchase tip. In this way, you can easily send offers and purchase tips to your buyers. Would you like to know more? Please click here.

Offers overview
In the Offers overview, entries are now shown and sorted by creation date.

Supply agreements to offers
The Supply agreements section now links to Offers. This means that order responses (which used to appear under Supply agreements) can now be found under Offers. It is now possible therefore to edit the period of order responses that have already been filled in.

Correcting/cancelling sales orders
You can now correct/cancel sales orders too, as long as they have not yet been approved for settlement.

Optimisations with deliveries

  • If a preference is set for the owner of packaging units, this will also be applied to the generated deliveries (e.g. from FX/FMO).

  • The calculation of the amount of individual shelves has been improved.

  • The display of the packing configuration with the trolley layout has been changed slightly to avoid confusion.

  • The delivery location is now included when copying a delivery.

  • The automatic trolley layout has been improved. In addition, an auction trolley will always have four fixed layers, and it is now easier to fill the number of individual shelves per trolley.

  • When creating deliveries, you can now search all the delivery locations, as there may be times that you, as a grower, have to deliver something to a location that is not the buyer’s location.

Optimisations with clock deliveries

  • Aalsmeer will now be chosen automatically as auction location in the event of a new clock delivery.

  • It is no longer possible now to create clock deliveries far in the future, as this resulted in all kinds of mistakes. You can now create the delivery up to a maximum of 1 week in advance.

  • When auctioning lots through the stock overview, the number of packaging units of the lot is now automatically filled in under the delivery.

  • The automatic trolley configuration for large lots has been improved.

Arranging trolley layout with deliveries
It is now possible with the trolley layout to drag several lots to another trolley simultaneously. This can be done by pressing CTRL and clicking on batches – you can then drag the selected lots together.

Correcting logistic supplies
When processing a delivery, it is also possible now to correct all the logistic supplies.

Copying specific weeks with requests for quotes
In the case of requests for quotes, it is possible to copy catalog prices. It is now also possible to select a specific week that you want to copy. In addition, years are also displayed to provide more clarity.

Sorting preferences in My Shop
The products in the preview of ‘My Shop’ will also be sorted on the basis of your sorting preferences now.

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