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Developments October 2020
Developments October 2020

Floriday is constantly evolving. Discover the latest functionalities and releases of October 2020 in this article!

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You, as the main user of the Floriday account, can now manage the roles and rights of the other users within your Floriday account. Go to Settings > Colleagues & use, and click on the three dots next to a user to manage their permissions.

Update product variants
When adjusting or adding a characteristic for one or more products, you can now choose to update all variants with this characteristic at once.

Sort product variants
The specific characteristics within variants are now also sorted, making variant comparisons easier.

Characteristics with S and K codes
You can now add all the characteristics beginning with an S or a K to a product.

Packing configuration photos
You can add photos of products in a specific packing configuration to products. (You can do this while adding or editing the product, during the step: Packing configuration)

Decorative pots
The Decorative Pots function is now available for everyone. You can find this functionality under Catalog > Decorative pots.

Custom packages
You can now add custom packages to Floriday. You can also set the dimensions and add a photo of your custom package. You can find this functionality under Catalog > Custom packages.

Additional services
You can now add additional services in Floriday, which allows you to add labels, treatments and sleeves. Buyers can then choose these when they are ordering products through Floriday. You can find this functionality under Catalog > Additional services.

New availability screen for the Catalog prices
In Catalog prices there is a new screen available. In this screen you can now view and adjust the availability of all products and customers. You can find this screen under Supply > Catalog prices > Icon with availability slider.

Sending the purchase tip to a specific buyer
You can now add a contact person when creating a purchase tip. You can choose colleagues of the selected purchaser. This allows you to ensure the purchase tip reaches the right purchaser. The purchaser will be notified by email.

Inkooptip versturen naar een specifieke inkoper
Bij het aanmaken van een inkooptip kan je nu ook een contactpersoon toevoegen. Hierbij kun je kiezen uit de collega's van de geselecteerde koper. Hiermee kun je er dus voor zorgen dat de inkooptip bij de juiste inkoper terecht komt. De inkoper wordt op de hoogte gesteld door middel van een mailtje.

Clock pre-sale price suggestions
There are two new clock pre-sale price suggestions available: “Upper-end market, own supply" and “Upper-end market, total supply".

Delivery-note numbers direct deliveries
The delivery-note numbers of direct deliveries are now also displayed in the sales orders overview.

You can enter into contracts with buyers, and then place standing orders on these contracts. Further information on this feature can be found here.

Clock optimisations

  • The steps required to create a delivery will now stay open even after inputting the data.

  • You can now easily adjust the number of pieces per packaging unit when adding items to a delivery.

  • You can now easily change the characteristics of an item when selecting the items. This is now done by filling in the correct characteristic values. (Would you like to work with variants? You can adjust this in Settings > Preferences)

  • The inspection codes are now also shown for the selected items.

  • Clock-delivery products can be processed after you have created the clock delivery, but have not sent it yet. You can change the packing configurations and numbers of the current products. In addition, you can also delete products.

  • You can now switch on certain clock delivery features in case you want to use them. The features are Comments, Minimum Price Clock, Owner Packaging and Service Code. By default, all these functions are switched off; you can switch them on under Settings > Preferences.

Request status
The request status will now also be displayed for requests made form the purchasing dashboard.

Inviting customers
You can now invite customers to visit your shop. This is possible via My Shop > Marketing > New Invitation. Here you can see who has already been invited and whether the customer has actually visited your shop.

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