Permissions for inviting colleagues
You can now immediately set the permissions when you are inviting colleagues. Previously this was only possible after the invitation was accepted.

Change VBN code
You can now change the VBN product code of existing products.

Properties L16 and A04
The properties L16 (number of bouquets per wrapper) and A04 (basic material) can now be configured in the catalog.

Sorting characteristics
When editing a product, the characteristics are now neatly sorted according to characteristics code. In addition, the mandatory characteristics are now shown first, followed by the optional characteristics.

The warehouse overview now also shows if you have shared your own location/site with other growers.

Copying catalog prices
For catalog prices, it is now possible to copy the prices of the four weeks ahead. For example, you can now copy week 51 for in week 50.

Submitting lots again for batch prices
Under batch prices, an option has been added to submit lots again. This is very handy if, for example, lots are under Delivery from stock but the offer has expired.

Special offer optimisation

  • It is now possible to create a special offer for more than 5 customers. The purchasing tip is still limited to 1 customer.

  • It is now also possible to work with prices with three decimals for special offers.

Clock supply
The clock supply screen now shows the total number of units and packaging.

Sales orders CSV
The CSV for sales orders has been expanded with the three most important characteristics of the product.

Financial services provider for existing sales orders
It is now possible to change the financial services provider for existing sales orders. You can find this option under the three dots by the sales order line.

Optimisation for contracts

  • You can now use “select all” when selecting products for a contract. This will select a filtered selection of products all at once.

  • You can now also make use of sub-suppliers, or subcontracting, in your contracts. This allows you to set which other suppliers are part of the contract, and you can also select the products. With on-demand orders, you can indicate which supplier you would like to process the on-demand order line.

  • Additional services can now also be set for products within a contract. This allows you to add wrappers, labels or treatments. The associated costs are clearly visible on the sales orders.

  • In the product selection dialog when creating a contract, you can now also filter on product characteristics.

  • Optimisation for orders on demand
    The names of the contracts have now also been added to the on-demand orders overview. This is where you previously saw the reference and version of the contract, but now you can also see the name.

  • When creating an on-demand order, the delivery location is automatically filled in with the delivery location set in the contract. You can still edit the delivery location.

Financial services provider
It is now possible to choose a financial services provider when creating a delivery.

Customer stickers
Some customers are already working with customer stickers. These stickers can now be printed while processing a delivery.

Apply service code to all products
When processing a delivery, you can now easily apply a service code to all items in that delivery. This can be done through the “Add service code” option and then ticking the new “Apply to all items in the delivery” checkbox.

  • Clock optimisation

    You can now print the delivery note before actually processing the delivery. When you press the ‘print’ button, the delivery note will be printed but not yet sent. A concept of the clock delivery is created, and you can send this concept later. (Note: do not forget to actually send the delivery note)

  • When creating a clock delivery, you can now easily combine a lot photo and detail photo to create a clock photo. You only need to select the photos, Floriday will automatically combine them for you.

  • When creating a clock delivery, you can now also use the logo of the organisation in the combined photo. You can upload the logo using the lot photo functionality. Under Settings > Preferences you can specify whether you want to make use of this. This functionality is enabled by default.

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