Add customers to multiple customer specific products

You can now easily add a customer to the selected articles by using the multi-select for customer-specific products. The “Add customer” option has now been placed at the bottom of the “Quick setup”.

Expired packaging codes

You can also now see with the packing configurations if the packaging code has expired. An exclamation mark will then appear next to the packaging code.

Packing configuration photos with products

When editing a product, you will also now see a photo of the packing configuration.

Changing the stock location name

It is now possible to change the name of the stock location. In this way, you can make a clearer distinction if several stock locations have the same name.

Forward prices with catalogue prices

It is now possible to easily fill in the list prices in advance by using the function: forward prices. Select the products for which you wish to enter prices in advance and click on the green bar at the bottom of the screen> Forward prices.

Filter by stock location in catalogue prices

It is now possible to filter by stock location in the catalogue price screen. Here you can specify the stock location for each product.

Minimum order unit in price groups

It is now possible to choose an order unit when creating/editing a price group. This indicates the minimum order quantity of an item that a buyer must order. This setting only affects catalogue prices and is reflected, for example, in Direct Purchasing for buyers.

Select buyer’s location in delivery terms and conditions

In the delivery terms and conditions you can now select “Delivery to buyer’s location”. This allows you to differentiate more clearly if a delivery is made to an auction location or to the buyer's location.

New look for offers

Adding an offer has been given a new look. You can see more clearly the difference between adding a purchase tip or a regular offer.

Sales order details

You can now see details of the buyer's contact person in the sales order. In addition, the batch reference is also shown there.

Copying contracts

It is now possible to copy contracts. This creates a new contract, which is separate from the original contract that you copied. This is different, therefore, from creating a new version.

Order reference per line with standing orders

It is now possible to add a reference per line with standing orders.

Processing multiple deliveries at once

It is now possible to process multiple direct deliveries at once. In the screen to process the delivery under “Unassigned batches” you can click on “Other orders”. Here you will only see batches from deliveries that match the location and customer. You can divide these batches into trolleys and subsequently process the delivery.

Deleting direct deliveries

Completed customer deliveries (direct deliveries to a customer) can now be deleted.

New filters with requests

It is now possible to filter requests by customer and stock location. In addition, the request table can now be sorted by column. In this way, you can easily see the latest or oldest requests.

View forward supply

In My Shop, you can now filter supply based on a period.

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