As a Royal FloraHolland member or supplier, you automatically make use of Royal FloraHolland's financial settlement. In specific terms, this means that if an order is placed through the marketplace, financial settlement will be fully arranged by Royal FloraHolland. This gives you, as a grower, certainty that the payment will be made and you will quickly have the amount to be received.

100% Digital - Direct sales

With the 100% Digital strategy and the advent of PSD2 legislation, Royal Floraholland accelerates the digitisation of the marketplace. In specific terms, this means that all direct trade orders must take place in or through Floriday. If an order has been placed on supply through Floriday, financial settlement, as well as invoicing and collection, will be completely taken care of by Royal Floraholland. As a grower, this means you are still assured of having access to the funds quickly in the future.

What should I do as a grower or buyer?

For growers, this means that their supply must be online on Floriday. For buyers, it means placing all orders through the digital platforms FloraMondo, FloraXchange and Blueroots. For both growers and buyers, this can be done through an API link from their own software package, as well as through the Floriday screens.

Do you need more information?

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