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Set the phytosanitary registration number and view the available certificates and financial processing.

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Various company data can be set in the Organisation section under settings, such as the phytosanitary registration number. In addition, here you can find out which certificates and financial settlements are available.

The following steps are discussed on this page:

Company details

You can enter the organisation's email address and telephone number under the company name. A plant passport is required for trading plants and trees within the European Union. The plant passport consists of various components, including the phytosanitary registration number. You only have to enter this number once.

As well as the phytosanitary registration number, here can also record which unit (pot, container, unique article per delivery) the plant passport applies to.


Through Floricode, we collect the certificates that are known for your company. These can be found under the heading Certificates. The certificates obtained are displayed on the public profile page, and buyers can also see them if they buy directly through My Shop.

If the certificates accessed are incorrect, you can contact Floricode and ask it to adjust these details. Floriday collects the certificates through Floricode, meaning you cannot change this in Floriday itself.

Financial settlement

The financial settlement determines how the settlement route will look. When an order has been placed that must be settled with Royal FloraHolland, we create a connect EAB that we send to Royal FloraHolland. For an order that needs to be settled with Veiling Rhein-Maas, we send a connect EAB to Veiling Rhein-Maas.

In Floriday, we keep track of who is registered at which auction. Although fulfillment in certain cases takes place through Veiling Rhein-Maas (VRM) or Plantion, this is usually through Royal FloraHolland. The various financial settlement methods are shown in this window.

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