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Manage sub-fulfillment settings and choose a default warehouse

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In Floriday, you can adjust a few more settings under System. Here you have the option, among other things, to set the clock mode and have a Florecom message sent with incoming orders. You can also change the default warehouse, this location will be used as default shipping location.

The following steps are discussed on this page:


In Floriday you can choose the type of display. We offer 2 options:

  • Clock mode: Simple and fast to use for clock suppliers only.

  • Advanced mode: In the advanced mode you can use all the functionalities of Floriday.

If you only use the functionalities of the clock, it's best to activate the clock mode. That way, you can fully focus on the functions that are important to you. In addition, you can activate the renewed clock function here, with which you can create auction letters faster and more easily.

Order processing

You can opt to send a Florecom message with FloraMondo orders, with Floriday orders, or with both.

Once you have decided which, enter the email address to where these messages can be sent. This address is read by your ERP package.

Before clicking on 'Save', you can choose whether an ORDERS message or an ORDRSP message should be sent. To find out which message is suitable, we recommend contacting your ERP provider.

Default warehouse

You can also set the default warehouse used in Floriday under Settings > System. It is advisable to choose the location from which most trade is sent.

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