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Make sure you are secure with a strong password

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Make sure you have a good password on your Floriday account and handle it with care. On this page, we help you set up/reset a good password and tell you about the possibilities of password roulate and 2-Factor Authentication (2FA).

The following is explained on this page:

Forgot password

Forgotten your password? Follow the next steps:

  1. Click on the ‘Unlock account’ button

  2. Follow the instructions to set a new password.

How do I change my password?

Do you want to change the password you use to log in to Floriday? Go to Settings > Change password.

First enter the current password to confirm that the account belongs to you. You can then enter a password of your choice. Once you have confirmed the new password again, click on 'Change password'.

At Floriday, we believe it is important your account is properly protected, which is why all passwords must meet the following requirements:

  • At least 10 characters

  • One lowercase letter

  • An uppercase letter

  • One symbol

  • No parts of your username

  • Does not contain your first name

  • Does not contain your surname

  • The password must not be the same as your previous 4 passwords

Password rotation

We ask you to rotate your password once a year. You will be notified of this automatically by a notification in the Floriday login screen.

Follow the following steps when changing your password:

1. Enter your old password and then enter your new password twice.

2. Your new password must meet the Floriday password requirements.

2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Then use 2-Factor Authentication (2FA). 2-Factor Authentication (2FA) is a more secure way of logging in. In fact, it adds a second layer of protection to your Floriday account. This means that in addition to entering a username and password, you need a second code to log in.

For optimal security of your Floriday account, we advise you to use this way of logging in. Read how to set this up here.

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