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Why can't you convert items to customer specific items?
Why can't you convert items to customer specific items?
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In this article, we briefly explain what customer specific items are and why you cannot convert regular items to customer specific items.

What are customer specific items?

Customer specific items are items that are in a grower's catalog and that are only intended for a specific customer, or possibly several customers. This option is intended for items that are not traded with other customers, such as concepts that a grower puts on the market together with a buyer.

Why can't you convert regular items?

Floriday is a system that is linked to the systems of buyers and growers. Once a grower creates items in Floriday, these items are directly distributed to the systems of buyers. Customer specific items are only distributed to the customers for which they are intended and regular items are distributed to any customers who have a link to the grower in question.

If a grower first creates an item as regular and then converts it to a customer specific product, the buyers' systems already know for where it isn't intended.

This gives rise to situations where:

  • Buyers already 'follow' items that are intended for someone else

  • An item is attached to a contract, meaning the buyer is no longer allowed to see the item

  • Items that the buyer can't see all of a sudden

The solution to this problem is, when creating the item, to immediately set up whether it is a customer specific item or a generic item. This can be done by creating a new item, or by copying the regular item and, during the copying process, directly opting for 'make customer specific'.

If an item is accidentally created as regular, it can be made customer specific by means of a copy action, and the regular item can be removed.

From SDF

The same restriction applies to growers who submit items from their own software. This means that the software items have to be submitted directly as customer specific. From a number of SDF users, we have learned that SDF in older versions is not yet able to do this.

A workaround for these growers is to create the customer specific items manually in Floriday, possibly as a copy-action of an existing regular item.

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