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Delivery order to a shared warehouse
Delivery order to a shared warehouse

Once you have gained access to the shared warehouse, you can create a delivery order for this location.

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Suppliers who have been given access to a central warehouse have now been granted access to an extra delivery location.

N.B. The steps below are visible when you are logged in as the supplier who has been given access to the shared warehouse.

The following steps are discussed on this page:

  • Delivery order to a shared warehouse

  • External warehouse overview

Delivery order to a shared warehouse

Go to Fulfilment > Delivery Orders to create a new delivery. Click on Create Delivery.

Choose Delivery to an external warehouse. This is a movement of goods.

You can choose a grower location at the delivery location. These are the warehouses that you have been granted access to.

Read more about Access to warehouses

Compile the delivery. Click Add Batches or Add trade items. Batches are created in the warehouse; trade items have no link to existing stock.

Enter the number of packaging units and click Save.

Opt to process the delivery order immediately. You can also do this later. There will then be a pending delivery under Fulfilment > Fulfilment Orders.


Go to Fulfilment > Fulfilment Orders and choose the batches to be deliverd.

Divide the batches over load carriers. Floriday provides a suggestion in this. Check if this is correct. If not, adjust it. (!) Make sure the trolley layout is set correctly. Trolleys may be registered by the logistics service provider, which means that correct loading is important.


It is also possible here to edit the batch for handling. Here you can adjust the number of packages you will actually deliver. Click the edit button and enter the number of packages . The number of reserved packages is taken into account. Then press save.

(Optional) In the follow-up process, packaging stickers can be scanned to perform batch actions such as Repackaging and Correcting. You can print the packaging stickers for this.

When you choose Print delivery note, you will see a template. Download and print the delivery note. This is called the SSCC label. It is also used as a waybill. The barcode can be used to register load carriers.

External warehouse overview

If you return to Supply > Stock after processing the delivery order, you will see that an External warehouse is visible.

By clicking on the external warehouse, you as a supplier can keep track of the batches that you have moved to the external warehouse. You can offer these batches for sale in direct sales, or use them for delivery to the auction, for example.

In this overview you can see that batches are on the way. This status lasts until the batch has been registered by the logistics provider.

The logistics service provider can register the batches as soon as the batch has physically arrived. Batches that are in transit (rolling stock) are immediately available at the warehouse, for example to offer through direct sales. Read more about Registration and handling as a logistics service provider.

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