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Default preferences on the clock EAB
Default preferences on the clock EAB

Entering a number of default preferences means you no longer need to think about this.

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You have the option to set default preferences on the Settings page in Floriday. By entering those settings here, you won’t have to do so again when creating the next letter. You can also activate additional options.

We'll cover various settings in this article

  • Default shipping location

  • Default auction location

  • Additional functions ON or OFF

    • Packages owner

    • Remarks

    • Service code

    • Sorting preference

    • Pieces per package

    • Preset clock pre-sale prices

Other preferences relating to clock deliveries:

  • Default packages unit owner

  • Default carrier

  • Display of variants

Clock delivery preferences

We start with the clock delivery preferences. You’ll find these preferences by clicking on the three dots at the top right of Floriday, and then clicking on Settings and navigating to the Preferences tab. The clock delivery preferences can be found under the heading 'Fulfillment'. In 'Fulfillment', open the second tab containing the settings for clock deliveries.

Once you’ve opened this tab, you have the option to enter a Default shipping location. The default shipping location is the location pre-entered when creating a clock letter. This does not mean that you can no longer send from a different location.

You can also enter a Default auction location. This location must also be pre-entered when creating a clock letter; neither does this mean that you can no longer auction at a different location.

You will find five more on/off sliders under these two location-based settings. These sliders represent extra fields that can be turned on or off. The fields available are:

  • Packaging units owner
    If you as a grower are not the owner of the packaging units, you can enable an input field to indicate through which batch the packaging units should be settled for each clock delivery.

  • Remarks
    By enabling this function, a comment field is created when you create a clock letter in Floriday. You can enter a comment for the auctioneer in this field.

  • Service code
    By enabling the service code, an input field is created when selecting the items to be auctioned. In this field, you can enter a service code which can then be retrived on the statements and in Insights.

  • Sorting preferece

    By default, the sorting order is used after selecting items. It is also possible to determine the place of your products on the cart based on the order in which you click on them. In this case, you can uncheck this option 'Use sort order from preferences when creating clock deliveries'.

  • Empty pieces per package

    Turn this option on if you want to fill in the items per barrel for each letter yourself. If you turn this option off, Floriday will automatically fill in the number of pieces per keg based on the item's load.

  • Apply preset clock pre-sale prices

    Within the Clock presale screen, you can enter Preset prices. You can enter these prices for items that you have previously auctioned off. Once you then auction these lots again, the Clock presale prices are automatically filled in. Turn this feature on to also see the preset prices immediately when creating the auction letter.

Other preferences

In addition to the clock delivery preferences, there are a number of preferences under the heading Handling that have to do with the clock EAB:

  • Default packages owner (User-specific preferences - Fulfillment)
    This way, you can enter a default owner of the packaging units. Please note that this is not the same as enabling this input field as discussed above.

  • Default carrier (Oganization-wide preferences - Fulfillment)
    You can also enter your standard transporter. Please make sure that this does not appear on the letter.

  • Display of variants (User-specific preferences - Display)
    Variants can be processed and used in Floriday in two ways. With the 'Display variants' setting, you as a grower determine how you work with variants. You can opt to use a list of variants; you create a variant and save it for later reuse. Or you choose to directly adjust trade item properties; this option creates an input field where you can directly change the S codes for each delivery.

  • Display of trade items on delivery form (Organization-wide preferences)

    You can choose whether to show the item code or just the item name on the delivery bill.

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