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Getting started with direct sales
Getting started with direct sales

Sell your products directly to buyers

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Welcome to the ‘Getting started with direct sales in Floriday’ instructions page

In this section, we explain how to get started with direct sales in Floriday quickly and easily. Before you can start, you first have to create price group(s) and set delivery conditions. Although this is a one-time action, you can always change these settings later. Once you have done this, you can offer and sell both flowers and plants directly through Floriday.

What's the difference between catalogue prices and batch prices?

Most plant growers are accustomed to offering their products using a weekly list. This used to be an Excel list with the availability, quantity and price of the products offered by the grower for the coming week. This list was previously sent by email. This has since been replaced by a modern version of the list that can be completed in Floriday and automatically forwarded to buyers' systems. You will find this list under Direct sales > Catalogue prices in Floriday.

Most flower growers are used to offering their products on a daily basis with associated daily prices and stocks. For flower growers, the ‘Batch prices’ screen can be found under Direct sales > Batch prices.

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