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Availability filters

By indicating the availability per customer, you have the option of offering (exclusive) trade items to selected buyers.

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As a grower you can use availability filters to set, per trade item, the buyers for which this trade item is or isn’t available. In this way, you maintain control over which trade items can be bought by which buyers. This could be useful when working with exclusive trade items that are not available to all buyers.

The following element is explained on this page:

Setting availability filters

How does this work?

Go to the menu on the left and click Supply > Direct sales > Catalog prices and select a trade item for which you want to set the availability filter.

Click on the three dots after a trade item and then click on ‘Availability filters’ in the menu.

Or select multiple trade items by ticking the selection boxes on the left-hand side of the screen. Subsequently, click in the green bar on ‘Quick setup’ at the bottom of the screen and subsequently on ‘Availability filters’.

Please note: You can only select multiple trade items at the same time if they have the same availability (therefore if they are all activated (green) or all deactivated (grey)). In the above example, you can see that trade item 2 is not available (grey) and that it is therefore not included in the selection.

A window will appear in which it can be indicated, per customer, whether the trade item (or trade items) is available or not. In order to set this, you can move the slider under ‘Availability’.

It is possible to apply the filter to the bar containing ‘Price group’ and ‘Connections’, and in this way to select the right buyers. Once the sliders per customer have been properly set, click on ‘Save’ at the top right.

The availability filter has now been set for the selected trade item (or selected trade items). You can recognise the filter by the green or red icon in the trade item line.

Red icon: This trade item is activated for all as standard (slider in green position) but deactivated for 3 customers.

Green icon: This trade item is deactivated for all as standard (slider in grey position) but activated for 2 customers.

When you change the availability by moving the slider, the availability filters set will cease to apply.

The availability filters will only affect the current and coming week. You use them in the current and coming week to indicate whether the trade items are available or not.

The availability filter does not affect future weeks (future or forward supply). Here you work with numbers to indicate whether a trade item is available or not (quantity is left empty or ‘0’ which means that the trade item is not available). In future weeks, you can use promos or exceptions to offer a limited number of pieces to a specific buyer.

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