In the case of direct deliveries, financial settlement is an important element. In some cases, this settlement takes place through Veiling Rhein-Maas (VRM) but this is now also possible through Floriday. Growers can select one of these handling options when creating a delivery. Buyers can indicate their choice in the Floriday shopping cart. In this update, we will give you more information about this component.

Select financial settlement

In Floriday, we keep track of who (grower or buyer) is registered at which auction. In some cases, settlement takes place through Veiling Rhein-Maas (VRM) or Plantion, but in most cases through Royal FloraHolland. How does this work for growers and buyers?

  • For growers: After the buyer has placed an order, as a grower in Floriday, you can indicate who will do the final invoicing and collection when you create a delivery. The buyer then sees in their sales order overview in Floriday from whom they are receiving the invoice and who is doing the collection.

  • For buyers: Buyers first place an order with a grower and have the option of indicating in the shopping cart who is doing the financial settlement, should this be different from Royal FloraHolland. After you, as the buyer, confirm the order and select it in the shopping cart, settlement will take place through the selected handling agent. This applies to both buyers working directly in the Floriday screens and buyers working through an API link in their own software package.

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