This article tells you all about the latest updates. The Floriday platform is continuously in development, meaning a whole host of new updates and optimisations this week.

  • You can now also make use of sub-suppliers ⁠–⁠ or subcontracting ⁠–⁠ in your contracts. This now allows you to set which other suppliers are part of the contract, after which you can select their products. With on-demand orders, you can indicate which supplier you would like to process the on-demand order line.
  • Additional services can now also be set for products within a contract,meaning you can add an attractive cover, or other services. The costs of theses are clearly visible on the sales orders at the end of the process.
  • The overview pages of contracts and on-demand orders are now partly paginated, meaning the page loads faster if you have multiple contracts or on-demand orders. This only applies to the table featuring the pending contracts or completed orders, since in practice, this list is the largest.
  • The names of the contracts have now also been added to the on-demand orders overview. This is where you previously saw the reference and version of the contract.
  • When creating an on-demand order, the delivery location is automatically filled in with the delivery location set in the contract. The delivery location can be changed, if desired.
  • In the contracts and on-demand orders overviews, you can filter by customers applying to this module.
  • With catalogue and lot prices, more information is now available by hovering over the orange spheres.This also indicates whether the number of items and the basic price have changed. Classifying in the catalogue-prices screen also displays how many products in the group have been changed.
  • Copying deliveries that include a deleted product is now no longer possible.
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