We are often asked when the week list will stop. In this article, we briefly explain what the week list exactly means, and how we will deal with it from both the buyer and grower's point of view in the future.

The week list

The week list is a list of items selected by the buyer from the grower's assortment. The grower sees which items the buyer has selected and is asked to provide them with a weekly price. The week list originated ten years ago within FloraXchange as a result of buyer dissatisfaction that availability and prices weren't being properly kept up to date.

Within Floriday, it is possible to fill the buyer's week list using the list prices, which has made it easier for growers to enter the prices because price groups are used instead of separate week lists.

Adjusting prices

Many growers find it annoying that prices fixed in the week list cannot be adjusted during the week. Also in Floriday, we have opted to limit the adjustment of prices to Thursday 10 a.m. The reason that the prices can no longer be adjusted has to do with the use of these prices by the buyers. The buyer processes (sometimes even manually) the prices into systems and special offers which are then sent to their customers abroad. The resulting orders are often still placed offline by means of a phone call or an email. It is difficult for the buyer if the price of the item changes between the time he sends the special offer and the time he receives the order.


Along with Plantform and a number of buyers, we have held discussions about the future of the week list and we have come to the conclusion that a number of buyers have no difficulty with prices changing, but that it will only work for them if their customers may then order directly from the supply. Next year, we will be working with all buyers to set up these links so that we can quickly adapt to a situation during the current week.

N.B. The price is fixed but the availability is not. During the current week, it will therefore be possible to continuously adjust the availability of products. For scarce products, it is also possible not to work with the list prices but with countdown special offers instead.

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