In this article, we will share all the newest updates with you! The platform Floriday is continuously in development, which this week again ensured many updates and optimisations.

  • The financial service provider will now be displayed in the sales order overview.
  • You can now choose Plantion as auction location in your preferences. Note that at this moment, auctioning to Plantion is still an early access feature.
  • You can now sort the table in the special offers overview by columns.
  • The shareable link to “My Shop” now also navigated to a beautiful landing page for the buyer. The buyer will now automatically be logged in, if he already experienced a login session.
  • The shipping location will now be automatically filled in if there is only one shipping location. This will save you a another click!
  • You can now filter the lot overview by grower. This makes it easier to see lots from another grower if he has delivered to your supply location.
  • We have added a tour from Intercom to the catalogue screen. You can start this tour by clicking on the question mark button in the toolbar.
  • The screen to create a new clock delivery should now load a bit faster. We have found a more efficient way to collect data.
  • You can now see which articles are concerned when processing the deliveries of lots from a different grower. Prior to this, the products shown were dummy products, because the products were not your own.
  • The importing of CSV orders will now ignore the number of units per packaging to match the packaging configuration. This value can greatly differ per order on demand and can now be freely adjusted.
  • You can now also add the characteristic K34 (GlobalG.A.P Chain of Custody (CoC)) to products in the catalogue.
  • There are two new Clock Presale price suggestions available: “Upper end market, own supply" and “Upper end market, total supply".
  • It is now possible to create orders on demand by importing a CSV. This functionality is hidden behind early access and at this moment only available for Afriflora.
  • It is now possible to view a lot logbook for clock supply. Through this logbook you can see which actions have been performed on the lot. We choose to only open this up to support accounts, because the current structure of the actions often include technical terms.

Clock optimisations:

  • You can now hide certain clock delivery features in case you never use them. Or, on the other hand, you can enable them if that makes you extremely happy! The features include: Comments, minimum price clock, owner packaging and service code. These functions are switched off by default, when you create a new delivery, there will be a pop-up with more information about this.
  • The “Next step” buttons by creation of a delivery will now scroll to the next step in the screen.
  • We have added a tooltip by the display of S-codes under products. So now, when you hover over this with your mouse, you can see exactly which characteristic is the S-code.
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