Buyers can place requests for quotes on the trade items shown in your catalog. A buyer therefore essentially asks you as a grower whether you have certain products available during a specific period and what the prices are of the products. You can answer the request via Floriday and in this way make an agreement with the buyer.

How does it work?

On the left of the Floriday menu go to: Network > Requests for quotes. Here you will see an overview of the requests for quotes that buyers have submitted to you.

In the overview you can click open a request to answer it. Once you click the request, you are taken to the screen below. Here you can:

(1) Enter the availability, quantities and prices (at Moterra/Floré, the availability automatically follows the catalog prices, so you cannot enter this for them);

(2) Copy the availability, quantities and prices from the catalog prices by clicking the button;

(3) Present your proposal to the buyer.

Once you offer the entered prices and quantities to the buyer and the buyer has accepted them, you can no longer adjust anything. After the prices and quantities have been offered, an offer is made of the request in Floriday. You can always view the request for quotes at Network > Requests for quotes.

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