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In this article we explain how you can respond to requests from the buyer

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Buyers can place requests for the trade items shown in your catalog. So a buyer will be asking you as a grower whether you have certain products available within a certain period and what the prices are for those products. You can respond to the request through Floriday and make an agreement with the buyer.

This page explains:

Receive a request

Click on the message on the dashboard

or in Floriday, go to Network > Requests > Supply requests in the menu. Here you will see an overview of the requests that buyers have submitted to you.

To easily navigate to the right request, you can filter at the top of the screen on pending, rejected and completed requests. You can also search or filter by the customer's name.

In the overview you can click on a request to respond to it. Once you open the request, you will be taken to the screen below, where you can find all the information that the buyer has entered.

  1. Title

  2. Requested by

  3. Requested periods

  4. Order period

  5. Delivery period

  6. Customer

  7. Price includes: The buyer can enter whether they want the request to include delivery and transport and/or stickering. Behind this line you can see what the buyer has selected.

  8. Deadline: The buyer may specify a deadline for responding. This can also be left open. In that case, the request for quotes will be ongoing for an indefinite period of time and is therefore a continuous request for quotes.

  9. Dispatch location

  10. Supply type: The type of offer as either countdown or based on availability.

  11. Currency

Under this information, you can see for which items the buyer has submitted a request, what purchase unit, number of items, price and order period.

Available prices can also be adopted for the price. Here you have the choice of transferring prices from catalog prices, batch prices, customer offers or purchase tips. This allows you to choose more specifically which prices are taken over and from which date.

It is possible for the buyer to leave certain fields blank. In this instance, the price of the white orchid is not included. This gives you the option of filling it in yourself.

It is also possible for the buyer to select all available packing configurations. This way you can see that there are multiple packing configurations to choose from at a later time.

Finally, you can specify the order period per product.

If you do not wish to offer a line, you can reject it from the request by clicking on the three dots and selecting Reject. At this point, you will need to include a reason for rejection, so that the buyer is also made aware of why you are rejecting it.

You may also reject multiple lines at once. To do so, check the boxes on the left side of the lines you wish to reject. Next, in the bottom right of the bar that pops up, click Reject.

You can also reject the entire request. You can do this by clicking on the Reject button at the top right.

A red cross indicates that the line has been rejected.

If the request is otherwise correct, you can click on Offer at the top of the screen.

Request response

By offering the trade items from a request to the buyer, a request offer is created. These can be viewed under Direct sales.

Go to Direct sales > Offers > Request responses.

Here you can see an overview of all the responses that have been made to the buyer in response to a request. To easily find the right request offer, you can set a time frame and/or select the buyer.

Click on request offer for more information.

Tip! From the request, you can also go directly to a specific request response by clicking To suplly request offer in the request.

Setting: decide whether you receive supply requests

As a grower, you have the option of turning off the ability to submit a request for all or some buyers. This can be configured in the trading settings. Using trading settings, you can tell buyers how you want to and can work. By default, receiving offer requests is enabled. This ensures that you automatically receive requests from buyers. Many buyers who are linked with their software package to Floriday work this way by firing requests at growers. If as a grower you really don't want this, you can turn this setting off. When ordering, the buyer then receives a message that requests are not possible. Do you want to turn it on for one or more customers? Then you can make an exception and turn the slider on.

Go to Network > Network > Trade settings.

If you don't want to work with this, set the offer request slider to off.

By clicking on exception, you could configure which buyer(s) are permitted to work with it.

For example, the option to submit an order request is off for all customers, except for FHC: Test koper.


You can set notifications for receiving offer requests, so that you will be informed as soon as you have received them.

Click on the three dots at the top right. Then go to Settings in the menu.

Click on the Notifications tab and set the notification or email notification to receive offer requests.


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