You can fill the weekly lists for FloraXchange via the catalog prices screen in Floriday. With the availability filters you can indicate per trade item and per buyer wheter a product is available or not. With the availability timers you can schedule when a trade item becomes available again or when it is no longer available.

Availability filters

The filters allow you to set per buyer whether a product is available or not on the weekly list in FloraXchange. How does it work?

  • In Floriday, go to Supply > Direct sales > Catalog prices
  • Select one or more products here for which you want to set the filters. Then click on "Set availability filters" at the bottom right of the screen.
  • You are brought to a new screen. At the top you can see which products you selected. The screen also shows all of the buyers. Use the slider buttons to set the product available or not available per buyer.
  • You can also set the availability per price group (see screenshot below). At the top, select the proper price group (1), select all of the buyers in the group via the selection box at the top (2) and set the availability (3).

When you return to the catalog prices screen, you immediately see for which articles you have set a filter. For example, you see that the article is available, but that it is not (in red) for 14 customers. Vice versa, you also see that the article is not available, but that it is(in green) for 11 customers.

Please note: When you use the availability filters in Floriday, then Floriday is leading with regard to availability in the weekly lists. Therefore, you can no longer adjust the availability for the weekly lists on FloraXchange.

 Availability timers

The timers ensure that you can indicate, for a product that is not available now, when it will be available again. When you set a date here, the product will automatically switch to available on that date. This is also applicable the other way around, so when a product is available now, you can set when this product must automatically switch to not available again. How does it work?

  • In Floriday, go to Supply > Direct sales > Catalog prices
  • On the right hand side of the screen, click on the three dots by a product and click on availability timers.
  • Set when a product will be available again or when the product is no longer available.
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