With Clock Presales, you can sell flowers or plants in small quantities, often for a better price than on the clock. This gives buyers full flexibility and allows them to purchase more meticulously. You can sell up to 50% of your clock supply via Clock Presales from 12 noon to 5.55 am the next day, just before the clock process begins.

You can adjust the quantities of the Clock Presales until the batch has been physically received and scanned at the Royal FloraHolland location.

This article explains the following components:

Entering Clock Presales supply

  • Send the EAB as usual.

  • In Floriday, go to the menu on the left and click on Supply > Clock > Clock Presales.

  • As soon as you enter your EAB, you’ll see the products for Clock Presales here. Enter the correct prices and click on ‘Save’.

  • Your supply is now displayed on FloraMondo, and buyers can find and order your products.

Adjusting the Clock Presales percentage

  • In the menu go to Supply > Clock and then select the tab at the top of the screen: Clock Presales;

  • Click on the 3 dots on the right and then click on Settings;

  • In this screen, you can adjust the Clock Presales percentage;

  • Don't forget to click on 'apply' in the top right corner.

Entering Clock Presales in advance

You can set fixed prices for your Clock Presales in Floriday. This means that you enter the default prices so that the prices are immediately online when the EAB is submitted. If you want to change the prices later, you can simply adjust this in the usual way in the Clock Presales screen.

How does it work?

  • In the Clock Presales screen, click on the ‘previously entered prices’ button.

  • You will now be taken to a new screen. All batches from the past two weeks can be seen here.

  • Using the '+' sign, you can add trade items to the list of trade items that you want to price in advance.

  • The trade items you have added will appear on the right side of the screen. Here you can enter the fixed price.

  • Click on 'save' to save your list of fixed prices.

How can I offer my clock presale per layer?

You can indicate the following characteristics:

1: How you want it auctioned.

Per cart: Characteristic T21, value 006.

2: How you want it auctioned and in the clock presale.

Per layer: Kenmerk T21, value 008.

Then in the attributes you also indicate how many are present per layer with characteristic L23.

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