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In this article we explain more about the feature direct order.

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On this page we explain how to create a Direct order in Floriday. This gives you the option of directly sending an EKT and a Connect-EAB. In this way, the customer receives direct confirmation and, after handling the delivery, you can print the Connect delivery letter.

For an overview of the feature and the functionality still to come, please click on the green button below.

How does it work?

  • To create a Direct order, first log in to Floriday. Then, on the left, go to Fulfillment and then Delivery orders. On the right on this page, click on Add delivery order.

  • Now choose Direct order on the left and you will automatically arrive at Delivery information, as shown in the image below. We have numbered each component and beneath the figure we explain what you enter per component.

  • (1) Dispatch location: Here you enter from which stock location the delivery will be shipped.

  • (2) Customer: Here you enter to which customer the order will be shipped.

  • (3) Delivery location: After selecting the Customer, the available Delivery Locations will be automatically displayed. Click inside the field to choose the correct delivery location. Is no delivery location known? Then contact the customer.

  • (4) The delivery order will be...: Choose here how the delivery will take place logistically.

  • (5) Carrier (optional): If necessary, indicate which Carrier will be used for delivery.

  • (6) Delivery moment: Select the Delivery moment here.

  • (7) Reference (optional): If necessary, enter a Reference.

  • (8) Create a Connect-EAB and fulfill order via Floriday: Tick the box here if you want the settlement to take place via Floriday.

    Please note:

  • Currently, it is not yet possible to correct or delete a Connect-EAB. We expect to make this possible soon. In the meantime, ensure that you enter the details for the Direct order correctly the first time.

  • A letter will only be created if you tick the option Create a Connect-EAB and fulfill order via Floriday. If you only tick the option Send EKT, then only an EKT will be sent. No letter will be created this way.

  • (9) Send EKT to ...: After choosing a Customer, the option to send an EKT with the delivery will appear. 

  • The EKT can be sent if the EKT address is known. If there is no EKT address in our system, you can add one manually.

  • The EKT cannot be sent if the customer has indicated that they do not want to receive one. In this case, a copy of the order will automatically be sent to the customer after creating the delivery order.

  • Now click on Continue.

  • Now add batches or items to the order by clicking on Add batches or Add items. In this example, we’re adding items.

  • When adding items, you will see your catalogue items on the left.Above the items you can use the search field or click the filter button to choose from specific collections.Click on one or more item to select them. Now choose a Variant (optional), a packing configuration and a servicecode (optional).If you want to add the same item with a different packing configuration, simply click on the item in the left column again. This will add a duplicate item to your selection, after which you can choose a different packing configuration for that duplicate.Once you have made your selection, click Confirm on the top right.

You will now see that the selected items have been added to the delivery order. Again we have numbered each component, explaining each component in turn beneath the image.

  • (1) Packing configuration: Here, you see the packing configuration you chose in the previous menu. Normally you add packing configurations in the Catalog, however you can also add an extra packing configuration directly under component (4).

  • (2) Number of packages: Fill in the number of packages here

  • (3) Price per piece: Fill in the price per piece here.

  • (4) Additional options: Click on the three dots to show three additional options:

  • Edit delivery order line: Click this button if you want to edit your selection. You will be taken back to the item selection menu this way.

  • Edit characteristics: Click this if you wish to edit the characteristics of an item for this delivery.

  • Add inspection codes: With this option, you can add positive & negative inspection codes. In addition, you can also indicate the Auction group preference here. 

  • Add packing configuration: With this option, you can add another packing configuration to the item. Do you want to continue using this load? Then tick the box next to Add this packing configuration to the trade item, so it can be reused.

  • (5) Copy available prices: If you have already priced the item within your batch prices (cut flowers) or catalog prices (plants), you can use these buttons to copy these prices.

  • (6) Add Batches and Add Items: Use these buttons to add extra batches or items. If you have not yet created a batch, you will see that the button for this is grey (see image).

  • When you have entered the details for your delivery, click on Save and you will be asked if you want to fulfill the delivery order right away.

  • Click on Not Now to fulfill the delivery order later. You will then find the delivery order under Fulfillment > Fulfillment orders > Pending.

  • Click on To order fulfillment - you guessed it! - fulfill the delivery order.

  • When you choose to fulfill the delivery order, you will see an overview of the delivery that you have just made. On this page you can adjust the trolley layout to your liking and add extra layers if required (where applicable). For this, use the three dots next to the item and load carrier respectively.

  • Once you are satisfied with the delivery order, click on Save and submit.If you have ticked the option Create a Connect-EAB and fulfill order via Floriday during delivery, a Connect-EAB will be created that you can directly print. Click on the Print delivery form button to print the Connect-EAB.If you have chosen to also send an EKT during delivery, this will now be sent.If you have not ticked the option Create Connect-EAB and process via Floriday and have only chosen to send the EKT, then no Connect-EAB will be created. In that case, you only send an EKT to the customer.If you have ticked neither option, you will only find the delivery order in Sales > Sales orders. From there, you can still send the EKT and request settlement if you wish to do so.

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