Are you currently spending a great deal of time filling in your weekly lists for customers and keeping them up to date? Then start filling in your weekly lists via Floriday! Once you have assigned your customers to price groups, all you need to do is enter one basic price from then onwards, and Floriday will do the rest.

How does it work?

In order to get started, you first create your price groups. Go to Supply > Direct sales > Price groups. More information on how to create price groups can be found on this page.

I have created my price groups. What do I do now?

  1. Go to Supply > Direct sales > Catalogue prices.
  2. Enter the availability, the quantities and the prices for the products.Tip: You can adjust the availability, quantities and prices for several products at the same time. Select the products that have the same prices, quantities or availability via the selection boxes (left). You can then select ‘Set stock’, ‘Set prices’ or ‘Set availability’ in the green bar at the bottom of the screen.If you have products that always have the same price, you could put them together in a group.For example, you have a red, a yellow and an orange Bromelia, all with pot size 9. These three products always have the same price. Select the three products and click ‘Group’ in the green bar. The three products are combined in a group. You only need to enter the price once, and this price will be used for all three products.
  3. Click the green ‘Save changes’ button. Please note: As soon as you click, all quantities and prices will be put through to the weekly lists in FloraXchange.When you log into FloraXchange, you will see that the weekly lists have been filled in by Floriday.

Same prices next week? Copy your prices!
You can easily copy the prices and quantities of this week or a previous week. Click ‘Copy week ...’ at the top of the screen, or click the arrow and select the week of your choice.

Complete your weekly lists on time

The weekly lists for the following week close each Thursday morning at 10 a.m. CET. Most buyers will start their trade week at this time and day, so make sure to fill out your weekly lists on time!

If you fill out your weekly lists before Thursday morning 10 a.m. CET, you will be able to change prices of your articles until the weekly lists close. Afterwards, prices for the next week are fixed and cannot be changed.

If you haven't entered prices for one or more articles, you will still be able to enter prices when the weekly lists have closed. The prices will be saved but can't be changed afterwards. You will always be able to change the availability and the amount of articles whenever you want.

More useful tips can be found below!

  1. You can search all products by product name and product code in the top left corner.
  2. You can also filter by collection in the catalogue prices screen. You will then only see products from the selected collection. For example, you could select all articles in one go via the ‘select all’ box in the top left corner and immediately enter the price. Want to know more about collections? View this page.
  3. Filtering! You can filter in the screen using the filter button at the top of the screen (between ‘Collections’ and ‘Copy Week’). For example, you could choose to have only the available products displayed on your screen.
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