All of your warehouses are displayed under Supply > Stock. When you start using Floriday, the locations of your nursery that are registered with the Floricode will be displayed here. As soon as you add an external stock location to Floriday, it will be displayed on this page too. In the stock screen you can create batches that you want to offer per location.

How do you create a batch?

  • Click the correct warehouse, which is the location from which the batch will be sold. >>>
  • Click ‘Create batches’. ^^^
  • Add the products that you want to offer. >>>
  • Enter the number of products that you want to offer and select the right load. ^^^
  • Click ‘Confirm’. The batch has now been added to the overview. ↓↓↓

Tip: As soon as you create a batch, you can set a notification for when the stock reaches a certain minimum level. This way, you can make sure that the product does not go out of stock. Click the bell next to the product and enter the stock level at which you want to receive a notification.

Tip: You can see the sales per product in the batch journal. Click the three dots to the right of the product and select ‘Batch journal’.

Oops, entered an incorrect quantity?Don’t worry! Click the three dots to the right of the product and select ‘Submit a quantity correction’. Then enter the correct quantity and if you want you can specify the reason for the correction.

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